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Product Photography

Let us help you make your products look beautiful and sharp. Take a look at our beautiful work in Commercial & Product Photography and be amazed.

Commercial Photographer for Fashion Designer, Electronics, and other product in different technology and a creative artist for Advertising Agencies. Having been exposed to the Fashion industry as a photographer, I know it is a very rewarding experience; this is where collaboration with other individuals involved in the project makes for a successful fashion and/or commercial shoot. CAVP can capture any type of product that can bring the quality looks to attract your targeted audience.

We are also able to handle any type of product photography different sizes from tabletop to large item and to help you make a lasting impression to your customers. Are you looking for eye catching product shots? Our Product Photography service is perfect for any business seeking original high quality product photography.


Visit our portfolio to see more of our beautiful work.

asked questions

We provide you a quote for projects based on your specific requirements. This allows us to tailor the cost effectively to the type of shoot and number of photographs per product item you are requesting. 

For any table top (product that we place on table) product this can be small to medium size such as jewelry, electronics, household items, we accept a minimum of 5 items. For large products we do not have a minimum, if there is more we give a quote for a day shoot and post production.

We process all of our photographs in-house so have complete control of our work flow and w We can usually have your photographs ready within a week of the shoot or based on the timeline set on the quote. If you have a specific deadline to meet please let us know and we will do our best to meet it.

Your photographs are carefully process supplied as 8-bit JPEG files at full resolution, we can also provide web-optimized versions of your photographs upon request. Photographs are uploaded to a web server and made available for you to download as soon as they are ready or USB.

A typical residential session would require two to four hours of on-site time. If videography is added to the session, additional one hour to two hours is required. It is my objective to be as non intrusive into the family’s daily routine as possible. There is no short cut to great images. Each image requires staging, composition, lighting and post processing to achieve the best images. Proper site preparation goes a long way towards keeping on site time to a minimum.