Top 10 Best Place to get Married in the East Bay

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This is a continuation of my Top 10 Best Place to get Married series of blog, where I present the places you might be interested to visit and get more information to held your wedding or other event. Again this is selected based on their location, quality of service, reputation, popularity and of course price (but not listed here). This time I decided to list their address and contact information so you can contact them easily.

1. Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club(Affordable)
1650 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland, CA

You will be surprise what Oakland has to offer for a place to held any type of event you have in mind. Well people Montclair Women’s Club is the place to be especially for wedding celebration. The Ceremonies occur in the club’s garden, which is behind the building. The large Main Hall, complete with stage, can fit 200 seated guests, and often the brides and grooms will rent the entire facility for their event.

If you are looking for an inviting architectural gem in the East Bay Area to hold a wedding that expresses a sense of casual glamour, I highly recommend the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club.

2. Berkeley City Club(Affordable to Moderate)
2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704-1606

Founded in 1927 as The Berkeley Women’s City Club and if you are a big fan of Hearst Castle, San Simion, CA this City Club is also designed by the famous architect Julia Morgan, the Berkeley City Club is a California State Historical Landmark. I would love to photograph a wedding or other event in this club, so if you are planning to have a wedding there, count me in and I would love to give you a good deal.

3. The Gardens at Heather Farm(Very Affordable)
1540 Marchbanks Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

For Walnut Creek community this is their best-kept secret, well it is not secret any more. Established in 1968, the Heather Farm Garden Center is a nonprofit, volunteer staffed education center. I love garden wedding the atmosphere is inviting and your visitor welcome in a relaxed environment. So if you like flower and green scenery I recommend this place in the east bay.

4. Elliston Vineyards(Moderate)
463 Kilkare Road, Sunol, CA 94586

The estate, with its Historic Stone Mansion and acres of vineyards green with anticipation of the approaching harvest set the backdrop for a perfect outdoor ceremony. Who doesn’t want to get whisked away to a fantasy setting for their wedding day? With its restful atmosphere, Elliston Vineyards is a calm environment that will please your senses.

5. Ardenwood Historic Affairs(Moderate)
34600 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA 94555

Ardenwood Affairs is the East Bay’s premier garden wedding and reception facility. Your guests can stroll through the beautiful and enchanting gardens that surround the Patterson Mansion, the impressive focal point of Ardenwood. You can also learn more about the history behind Ardenwood, their wedding package and pricing by visiting their website.

6. Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate(Moderate)
2960 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, CA 94605

Built in 1899, this estate includes a quiant, old-fashioned carriage house and an elegan pavilion overlooking a pond and gazebo. If your fantasy is to have a romantic back in the day style of wedding this estate will be the perfect place for you.

7. Palmdale Estates(Affordable)
159 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA

A unique and colorful estate, with an increasing Indian Community in Fremont, Palmdale Estate become the place to held event for this colorful community. Visit their website to see some of the Indian Wedding Celebration and be amazed. Now if you are on the budget, Palmdale Estate facility is affordable to rent.

8. Shadelands Ranch Historical Museum(Affordable)
2660 Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Sometimes it can feel daunting to host a wedding at a historical landmark, but at Shadelands Ranch, you’ll feel at home. The beautifully maintained landscaping surrounding our picturesque gazebo provides a gorgeous backdrop for your event, there is also a Victorian patio available for dancing, and receptions. Shadelands is a particularly popular site for weddings.

9. Piedmont Community Center(Affordable)
711 Highland Ave., Oakland, CA, 94611

Piedmont Community Center is the Piedmont community treasure, this city-owned building was designed with impeccable taste with tiled roof reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture, lofty ceilings with exposed beams, and don’t forget to look the beautiful surrounding garden, no wonder this place is famous for accommodating any type of event especially wedding.

10. San Ramon Community Center(Affordable)
12501 Alcosta Boulevard, San Ramon, CA 94583

Located next to Central Park, the San Ramon Community Center provides spectacular views of the park from each room. For wedding events, there are three options available. The Alcosta Room has a high ceiling and a small adjacent patio. The room is perfect for smaller parties up to 50 people. For your large event the Fountain Room is an ideal choice. The Terrace Room has a spectacular view of one of the two fountains that separate the Community Center from Central Park.

Well, I hope you like it and find this information helpful in my finding the perfect place for you to held your wedding event. Don’t forget to share you thought about this article.

Until next time, good day.